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Behind the Seams with Mia Lei

Behind the Seams with Mia Lei
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Our promise at Town's End Outfitters has always been to bring you the top lifestyle brands for the elite amateur sportswoman in skiing, golf, tennis, sailing, equestrian and sporting. We've been so fortunate to work with and amongst some of the top designers in the world and we are proud to showcase them to you in our newest series - Behind the Seams. 

Since the inception of Town's End Outfitters we have privileged to call Mei Lei of MIASUKI a mentor, business partner and friend. We have been honored to learn from and work with her and look forward to continue watching MIASUKI redefine equestrian elegance. 


Town’s End Outfitters:  So, Mia, tell us a little bit about yourself.


Mia Lei: I am the founder of MIASUKI luxury performance wear inspired by equestrian spirit. I consider myself a dynamic and visionary women, a mother of two with a big passion for horses.


Town’s End Outfitters:  I like that. I like that visual. It's good. So in addition to juggling your roles, as a mother, as a business woman, do you have any other favorite hobbies? Golf, tennis, equestrian, sailing, skiing, shooting?


Mia Lei: I have many hobbies, such a riding, which is a big passion for me. I love music, bouldering, watching movies. I also love to challenge myself and to break out of my comfort zone, so my step mission is to learn archery.


Town’s End Outfitters:  I like it. So what kind of inspired you to create MIASUKI then?


Mia Lei: As a rider, I was inspired to make a luxury equestrian brand, outstanding in both design, and quality. MIASUKI is 100% Made In Italy, using only the very best materials and technical pique everything about the product is luxurious from the materials to the craftmanship, there is nothing else like it on the equestrian market today.

Wanting the best. This is the most truthful and honest answer. It is wanting the best. I think that's what inspired me. It is an innate desire and need. I thought: I love riding, but I can not find anything on the market that reflects my style. I want something that is extraordinary and my latest ss2019 Capsule collection UNBOUND reflects exactly what I wanted.


Town’s End Outfitters:  And your stuff truly is. The moonlight is probably one of the most extraordinary pieces I've ever seen, so it's you're definitely fulfilling that promise. In this changing market place, what is your vision for MIASUKI moving forward.


Mia Lei: Thank you. MIASUKI prides itself on being leaders in equestrian and performance wear, we are currently developing the collection into a lifestyle brand, which can be worn on and off the horse, with our new SS/19 UNBOUND Capsule Collection available from early from 2019 we area again pushing boundaries exploring and creating a new luxury performance wear on today’s fashion market.


Town’s End Outfitters:  You are very involved in the design process from start to finish. Could you tell us what your involvement in the collection would be? From kind of the inception all the way through to a garment being on the shelf?


Mia Lei: I work closely with my team, a group of dedicated fashion designers based out of our offices in Milan, where we follow all production in Italy.


Town’s End Outfitters:  Cool. That's really interesting. And then in terms of sort of your modern dynamic female, how do you hope she feels, or how do you hope women feel while wearing MIASUKI? 


Mia Lei: The MIASUKI woman is confident, comfortable and always ready and dressed for new challenges.


Town’s End Outfitters:  Perfect. Speaking of forward looking, is there a new piece coming out any time soon that you can tell us about or that you're excited about?


Mia Lei: We will have some key pieces for the next fw19/20 collection: performance double-face jacket with a mix of different materials and an exclusive pair of riding leggings. The collection will be amazing, I am really excited about it.



Town’s End Outfitters:  Ooh yay! We're on the edge of our seats. I'm excited. So, who are your brand ambassadors and what aligns them with Miasuki?


Mia Lei: More than ambassadors I like to descrive the girls and women I dress as MIASUKI WOMEN. We dress younger girls to older women, all of which are aspiring to be top athletes and riders such as Flore Giraud, Mathilde Pinault, Iman Perez, Matilda Carlson and Tatiana Mountbatten. 


Town’s End Outfitters:  Oh wow!


Mia Lei: I started horse riding because I wanted to overcome my fear of animals. I always talk about challenging the status quo, convention, getting out of my comfort zone. MIASUKI is definitely my sacred journey, my challenging my comfort zone.  


Town’s End Outfitters:  Aside from some of the other top athletes, who are some of your personal style icons? Not necessarily horse-related, but just in general.


 Mia Lei: I find women inspiring in general, because as I women, I know the challenges we face, to be women, mothers, have relationships and careers, today women need to be a lot of things, and I can definitely learn so much from so many women. 


 Town’s End Outfitters:  What are the essentials that you never leave home without?


Mia Lei: My  sunglasses because I live in Hong Kong so it’s always quite sunny, I’d definitely like to create a MIASUKI sunglasses line in the future. 


Town’s End Outfitters:  So, other than riding, what do you typically do in a day? Describe a day in the life of Mia.


Mia Lei: I arrive at the office by 9:00am, an hour before my team arrives, as I love to plan my day ahead. When I am at the officein Milan I rarely break for lunch, especially if we are going through a new collection with the design team. During my day I work on following up with my teams in Hong Kong and Milan, search for new inspiration, listen to new music, and if I am lucky I can drive over to the stables for an afternoon ride. During the week I try to be hoe early for dinner with the family, weekends we often travel, if I am in Europe we love to go skiing in winter and riding at our stables in Austria in the summer.



Town’s End Outfitters:  Cool. That's really cool. So you are between Hong Kong and Milan, is that correct?


Mia Lei: Hong Kong and Milan, I also travel a lot to London where MIASUKI is sold at Harrods.


Town’s End Outfitters:  Absolutely. Is there anywhere else on your travel destination list that you hope to visit that you haven't yet been to?


Mia Lei:  I would love to bring my children on a safari trip and I really want to visit Patagonia.  


Town’s End Outfitters:  And how old are your children?


Mia Lei: Oscar is four and Phillipa is two. 


Town’s End Outfitters:  What is your proudest success of MIASUKI so far? Proudest memory? 


Mia Lei: The fact that my brand is sold by Harrods and presenting during Milan Fashion Week with rave reviews, but most of all I am very proud of my product, I think being able to produce something with such high quality makes me feel very proud of my achievements.


Town’s End Outfitters:  That's a pretty big one.


Mia Lei: This is just the beginning we have some very exciting developments for and news for 2019. 


Town’s End Outfitters:  And what does that look like for you? Or what do you want your legacy to be?


Mia Lei: I would like to be recognized as a person able to break the mold and then I would also like MIASUKI to become a brand reference for strong women with great goals in life.


Town’s End Outfitters:  Absolutely, that's amazing. I think we definitely feel like you have inspired us, so we appreciate that and we're really excited to see what's next for you and MIASUKI.


Mia Lei: Thank you. Thank you so much.

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