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Equiflex Series with Chukka Wellness

Equiflex Series with Chukka Wellness
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It is essential to exercise and train your ponies correctly before a match, so why do so many players forget to prepare their own bodies for the game?

Polo is an extremely physical sport; you’re twisting and turning, riding off, you’re up out of the saddle and hitting the ball all whilst trying to score goals.

Despite this, many polo players rarely condition and train their bodies for the high impact game.

Our friend, India, founded Chukka Wellness which offers fitness workshops to polo players all around the world.

India is a keen rider and Personal Trainer. She has evented for years and recently ventured over to the polo scene where she fell in love with the game. She soon became aware that despite the game being very physical and technical there seemed to be very little focus on the fitness and conditioning side of the sport.

“As a fitness professional I am always aware of how you can improve a sport through physical prowess and making marginal games in order to be the best. In polo the attention is on how strong and fit the horse is and less so on the player.”

About Chukka Wellness

Chukka Wellness aims to improve polo player’s health, fitness and strength in order to enhance their athletic performance on the field. They focus on 3 elements; fuel, flexibility and functional training.

India says “We focus on these 3 elements as it is important to fuel your body with the correct nutrition, mobilize joints and muscles to prepare them for the high impact play and strengthen muscles & joints with polo specific exercises. 

They off offer polo specific fitness clinics to teams and clubs with a focus on:

    • Mobility to improve swing range of motion and identify any potential weak areas
    • Whole body strength and resistance exercises to improve motor skills and physical riding performance
    • Core and balance work to improve ease and confidence of play
    • Endurance fitness to ensure each rider has the ability to play at maximum for longer
    • Bespoke nutritional breakdown for riders on and off the pitch to ensure the body is correctly fuelled for better play and recovery

Stay tuned for the Equiflex Series with Chukka Wellness! 


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