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Introducing Sohpia

Introducing Sohpia
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National Champion of Luxembourg. She is preparing to go on the Junior ITF Tour and has a passion for spreading her love of the sport and empowering other young girls to pursue their dreams. We are happy to introduce Sophia - a tennis superstar, philanthropist and newest member of our Sporting Girl Gang! 

I woke up one day and realized that I am truly living my dream. I also quickly realized that many girls are not fortunate enough to live theirs. My inspiration came from volunteering at cultural community garden in downtown New York last summer. I had this amazing empowering feeling, that I was making a difference in someone’s life by reconstructing this garden, providing a place to sit and read a book, plant herbs and maybe just stop and smell the roses. At that moment, I realized I needed to do something to give back through something I am passionate about.  

So, I gave a lot of thought to what I wanted to do and since my passion is tennis I figured why not empower, educate and bring smiles to young girls through sports.  I was inspired through Tory Burch and her foundation to support women in business and since I am an Ambassador for her Sports line . I felt that I was staying true to what I believe in as a female athlete by giving back through my sport. 


In December of 2017, I hosted our first Girls Empowering Girls event. I was truly nervous; I had never done anything like this before. I must say I was so surprised at how supportive the community was, Tory SPORT donated t-shirts, Chipotle provided food, sunbum offered sunblock, the city of Delray Beach gave us use of tennis courts and even a USA Fed Cup player Lauren Davis came to hit with the girls. How awesome this was! The girls were so excited and really enjoyed being outside and sharing their stories with me.  I not only wanted to get them out to play but to connect and build friendships.  I never realized until then that I could impact girls so much through my love for tennis.  Of course I couldn’t stop!


I was quickly preparing for our next event which took place in March and was even a bigger success with three times the girls since the last event and we had even more professional volunteers.  The most inspiring moment was when two of the coaches shared their story of living in Kenya and receiving a call that they had  the opportunity to go to the US to learn to be tennis coaches. They said because of people like me their dreams were coming true which inspired me to keep empowering these young girls through my foundation .   At that moment I realized that giving is an act of kindness that continues to keep growing from one kind person to another. If we spread just a little bit of that think of how much happiness we can bring….. #girlsempoweringgirls – empower girls through sports!


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