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The Sweat Series: Tennis

The Sweat Series: Tennis
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·      Medicine ball
·      Light tension exercise tubing
·      Medium / heavy tension exercise tubing
·      Open space (ideally a tennis court)



The purpose of the warm-up is to prepare the body and all of its systems to meet the demands of the training session. This section is broken up into 3 sections: Activation, Dynamic Flexibility and General Movement.

Activation: The goal of this section to activate the muscles of the hips, core and torso, so the right muscles and firing at the right times during the movements involved in the training session or activity.

Dynamic Flexibility: The goal of this component of the warm-up to open up the body and prepare it to move through the ranges of motion required by the sport or activity

General Movement: More like your classic warm-up. The goal here is to increase blood flow and increase the core temperature of the body.



Do each of these components once for the prescribed number of reps or length of time.

·      Alternating Arm Reach Front Plank x 5 reps per side: Assume a normal front plank position on your elbows and toes. Take one elbow off the ground and reach one arm forward to full extension, hold briefly for 1 second, then repeat on the other side. Try not to rotate as you reach.

·      Marching Glute Raise x 5 per side: Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground as though you were going to do a sit-up. Squeeze your glutes and extend your hips up off the ground to full extension. Hold this position then bring one knee upward toward your waist without letting your hips drop or fall to side. Slowly return the foot back to the ground and repeat on the other side.

·      Tubing Y Shoulder Raise: Wrap a piece of tubing around the net cord of the tennis net. Grab the tubing by the ends in each hand. Keeping your arms straight, raise your arms upward at a 45 degree angle. This will create the shape of a Y with your arms. Hold briefly at the top then lower and repeat.



 Do each of these components once for the prescribed number of reps or length of time.

·      Knee Hug to Walking Lunge x 3 reps per side: Stand on one leg, grab the knee of the free leg and pull it upward has high as you can, then fall forward and step into a lunge on the leg you were just holding. Stand up the repeat the same action on the other side

·      Alternating Lateral Lunge x 3 reps per side: Stand with your feet together. Take a big step out to one side, squatting down and loading all your weight on to the outward leg. Both feet should be flat and facing forward. The leg of the non-lunging leg should be straight creating a stretch in the inner thigh.

·      Spider-mans (Deep Lunge – Knee to Shoulder) x 3 reps per side: Drop down into a deep forward lunge. Lower your torso as low as you can, placing your hands on the ground inside your front foot. Your forward knee should be outside the shoulder on the same side. Hold briefly, then stand up and repeat on the other side.



Do each of these components once for the prescribed number of reps or length of time.

·      Fwd Jog: Jog 1 lap around tennis courts. If you don’t have tennis court find a space or treadmill to run for about 20 – 30 seconds

·      High Knees: Travel forward from tennis court baseline to net. Try to left your knees to waist height as fast as you can as you move forward.

·      Butt Kicks: Travel forward from tennis court net to baseline. Kick your heels up to touch your butt as fast as you can while you move forward.

·      Side Shuffle: Stand sideways to net. Shuffle sideways from baseline to net and back. Try to cover the distance with as few shuffles as you can.



Double Alley Lateral Bound 3 sets / 5 reps per side / rest 45 seconds then repeat:  Place your right foot just outside the doubles alley of the tennis court. Jump off of your right foot directly to your left, and land on your left leg on the other side of the alley. Absorb and control the landing then jump back toward the right side. Repeat this until you’ve completed the indicated number of reps



Width-Wise Court Shuttle Run 3 sets / rest 60 seconds then repeat: Place a tennis ball on the baseline in between the singles sideline and the centre line on both the right and left side of the court. Stand in the centre of the court at the baseline. Perform the sequence as quickly as possible:

1.     Run to the tennis ball on your right
2.     Run to the tennis ball to the left
3.     Run to the right sideline
4.     Run as fast as you can to the far left side of the court (allowing yourself to decelerate past the line if necessary)



Alternate exercise A1 and A2 for 3 total sets, resting as little as possible between exercises.

A1. Overhead Medicine Ball Walking Lunge 10 reps per side / go directly to A2 after completing reps: Hold a medicine in both hands directly overhead with your arms fully extended. Take a big forward step into a deep lunge. Step up and forward bring your feet together, then step forward again with other side into another deep lunge. Repeat this process for the indicated number of reps

A2. Tubing Split Stance 2 Arm Row: 5 reps with each leg in front / go directly back to A1 after completing reps: Wrap a piece of exercise tubing (preferably with handles) around the top of the net post. Grab one of the ends in each hand and take a big step back into a split stance with one foot a good distance away from the other. Hold this position and pull the handles toward yourself, bringing your elbows back beside your ribs and behind your body. Hold briefly then return to the start position and repeat. Perform the indicated number of reps with each leg in front.



Alternate exercise B1 and B2 for 3 sets total, resting as little as possible between exercises.

B1. Open Stance Medicine Ball Throw 10 reps per side / go directly to B2 after completing reps: Hold a medicine ball in both hands and take a big step forward into a deep lunge with your right leg, so that your back knee is just off the ground and your front thigh is parallel to the floor.  Option 1(Partner Throws): Hold the lunge position then have a partner throw the medicine from your left side across your front thigh. Catch the ball then throw it back.  Option 2 (Wall Throw): Hold the lunge position with your right leg in front and your left shoulder beside a wall. Throw the ball against the wall, catch the bounce then repeat. Option 3 (Ball Swing): While holding the lunge position, hold the medicine ball with your arms straight and move the ball back and forth over your front thigh as fast as possible.

B2. Side Plank 20 seconds per side / go directly back to B1: Lie on your side. Place your elbow on the ground directly under your shoulder. Then stack your legs and feet on top of each other. Placing your weight on your elbow and the side of your body foot, lift your side completely off the floor and hold the position for the indicated length of time then repeat on the other side.



Court Sprints:  8 sets / 1 sprint / rest 10 seconds between sets:

Stand at the baseline of the tennis court, just outside the doubles sideline. Run to the other side and back as fast as you can. Rest 10 seconds then repeat. Perform this sequence 8 times.



·      2 – 3 minute light jog
·      Full-body static stretch
·      Foam Roll – Emphasizing lower body
·      Re-fuel and rehydrate

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