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Wedding Season

Wedding Season
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Here at Town’s End Outfitters our lives revolve around the seasons: tennis, golf, ski, polo. But currently one of the most lovely seasons is upon us, wedding season! Buying a gift from the registry is lovely but it certainly isn’t memorable. We’ve put together a lust list of enviable wedding gifts the couple will never forget, ranging from the practical to the outlandish. Enjoy!



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His & Hers Custom engraved James Purdey and Sons Ltd Rifle
For your favorite “true pair” give a gift that will be passed down for generations to come. Purdey guns and rifles start in the tens of thousands of dollars so this the most of an extravagant gift on this list but also a memorable one. 


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Brunello Cucinelli Luggage
Help ensure the honeymoon stage will never end with these gorgeous bags by Italian designer Brunello Cucinelli. We're still hoping they come out with a golf bag soon!Sizes and price ranges can vary. $600 - $5,550. 



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Sailo Gift Card
If the couple is spending their honeymoon near the water, surprise them with a day trip on a beautiful sailboat or yacht of their choice. Sailo is the Airbnb of boats and has gorgeous rentals all over the world. Prices vary based on yacht and availability. 


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Hermes Blanket
There is not a home that wouldn’t benefit from the addition of this classic Hermes blanket in the den, and it gives everyone an excuse to cuddle up. The perfect gift to make a house truly feel like home. $1,525.

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Ralph Lauren Mixologist Box
A perfect addition to any tailgate - and for any couple who loves to host! This Ralph Lauren Mixologist box can be a great addition to any living room, horse trailer or for sideline spectating.  $3995. 



Gray Malin Aspen
A perfect gift for the adventurous couple who just can’t wait for ski season, or who would like to bring home a taste of the mountains. Prints start at $500. 



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Tickets to the U.S Open Tennis
Tennis lovers flock to New York at the end of August to watch the best players in the world compete for top honors. Think of it as a mini honeynoon for the couple who may be having the post wedding blues! Tickets start at $75. 



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Hurlingham Custom Couple Polo Jerseys
Let the newlyweds show off their teamwork skills with matching Hurlingham Polo 1875 Jerseys. You can completely customize them with the wedding colors, names and date! Prices vary.

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